How To Write A Positionality Statement

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Positionality Statement After reading this essay, reader will know more about myself, because it is a story about my life, my aspects and experience. I also allow reader to comment and compare their own perspective, if he or she has different ideological views against mine. Moreover, I hope reader to stay tuned! and do not feel bored while reading. My life summary The beginning of my wonderful life, I was raised in the middle-class family. My parents have three children, and I am a second child. Most people might see middle child as unfavored child because parents might take care only the eldest and youngest children, but I did not face with that situation. My parents still love and take care me the same as my two brothers. I think my life is ordinary as most teenagers; wake up in the morning, go to school, study, chat with friends, and do homework. Sometime I cannot help thinking ‘why my life is so boring’. This might be the reason why I often moved to many schools when I was young (to have a different environment and people). I am a person who cannot stay still, so I have to find something to do…show more content…
Now, this believe might not as strict as in the past, but some people might not think the same. My family are one of them. Even though they allow me to do what I want, they still have translucent box which ready to block me every time I try to step out, when I compare with my older brother, who is two years older than me. It might because I am the only girl in three children. For example, in grade ten, I asked my parents to go up-country with my friends, and they did not allow me. On the other hand, when my brother asked them, they let him go without asking any question. At that time I feel depressed,and start question ‘ why my brother can do it, but I can’t ’. However, this feeling and question also disappear over
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