How To Write A Reading Memoir Essay

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Reading Memoir “The whole world opened to me when I learned to read.” Wrote Mary Mcleod Bethune. I’ve learned this as my mother read to me and from movies showing others reading. Books often made my imagination quite interesting. As years passed I knew reading would be an important factor of my life. Goldilocks and the three bears, to my memory is the first book ever read to me. It was my nightly requested book. I was wowed at how at how it made me laugh, sigh and gasp. When I attended daycare, starting at age three, more books were to my display. Humpty Dumpy, Jack and Jill, Green Eggs and Ham, and Corduroy were the books that touched me the most. Therefore, reading made me euphoric, and when I think about my Mom reading books to me I get maudlin. When I started school, and friends became my happiness, reading wasn’t enjoyable. Teachers and my Mom demanded for me to read thirty minutes a night. Being that I felt it wasn’t my choice, my desire was gone. Then, I came across…show more content…
The outside was my daily destination. Friends would always knock on my door or vice versa. After school programs, family outings, chorus plays, staying at relatives were frequent. Whenever I got in trouble, reading was the punishment. Also writing my name over a hundred times. So, whether I read as much as needed, I did the best I could. Now, reading is a necessity, I prefer to read at least one book a month. I look forward to learning new words and how deep an author can go. Everyone should read, I don’t know how you can develop a vocabulary without doing so. Though, reading can be like a bridge that’s never ending, it’s a great mind stimulator. Often, I challenge myself to read less interesting books with anonymous words. My next book I would like to read is All That Glitters, by V C Andrews. I pushed myself to read two chapters of the Bible each night for thirty days. After doing that, I know that I can get through any
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