How To Write A Reflection In Social Work

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Identifications and reflections can highly impact the work of a social worker and client in any setting. As for MQ and I, the stereotype of the resident always thinking that everyone else is always talking about him or planning to do something bad to him has interfered with our work together. Due to this stereotype, trying to get the resident out of the room in order for him to interact with others and attending recreational activities has been hard for me. Although, the resident does not mention that he feels there some sort of oppression going on, but he does inform me on how he feels. He is constantly mentioning how the medical staff is trying to control him and tell him when he and how much medication he should take. MQ feels that he has the right to refuse the medication, which he does, however, he is not fully aware of his diagnosis and the importance the medication has on him. He feels that he is being abused during showers and not treated equally. MQ feels that during showers, the aides are taking advantage of him and they do this by scrubbing hard on his body, which is not true. This impacts our work because although the staff is not treating him differently or planning to hurt him, the resident strongly believes that they are, making it the main topic of our conversations during every session. Since this is our main…show more content…
Since it has been a bit difficult for me to get actually help on the situation with MQ from the unit social worker in the facility where I intern, the students and professor have provided me with new topics to discuss with MQ and different ways to approach the situation with MQ. A suggestion that a student mentioned was that I could ask the resident if he would like to take me to lunch in the cafeteria that is provided in the facility, this way the resident might be open to eat outside of his room and to leave his

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