How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Since the advent of the personal computer, the amount of information and interconnectedness between people has dramatically increased. With one click of a button someone could go from checking the scores of their favorite football team to conversing with a friend anywhere in the world. In “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr, he explores the consequences of the massive amounts of information one can obtain via the internet. While I agree with Carr on the effects the internet has on how people read, there is a limit to the amount of people the internet actually affects. Throughout his paper Carr continually provides evidence that supports his claim that the amount of information that the internet provides is changing the way people…show more content…
An example would be from my life. I grew up reading books, but never found enjoyment from reading what others imagined. More enjoyment was found spending time expanding my own imagination by acting out whatever popped into my head. Drastically different from my mother who has always been a big reader. Even with the advent of the internet, she continues to read books for her own enjoyment. Those who were born with a love to read, will always read, no matter what information is thrown at them. Vice versa, those that do not particularly like to read may be affected by their use of the internet, or just never read for understanding, because they dislike reading. Another part that could affect someone’s reading habits is their job. For instance the writer’s reading habits were changed, because his job requires him to obtain information to present. When the information became more readily available, it was easy for him to skim and pick out what he wanted to use in his papers instead of only having a select few of informational sources to use. Although the internet has led to more “lazy” readers, the extent to which it has affected people is not as big as some may think. Nicholas Carr in “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” presents an argument that the internet is continually making more people alter their reading habits. However, the extent that the internet influences people’s lives can only be understood from those
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