How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of A Soldier

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The implication that most of the infantry soldiers are working class men is presented through the use of language in the speaker’s speech. On the other hand, it also shows that the upper class people are not interested in joining the military. To explain, the way in which the speaker uses simple language throughout his speech shows that he, who sign up to become a soldier, is not high class people. This is because the upper class people tend to use more grand style of speech to show their power and authority, while most of working class men use less grand style of speech or complicated sentences. For example,. Moreover, the use of dialect, which is used among a group of working class men, is appeared in the speaker’s speech. This appearance shows that in his position, an infantry soldier, the speaker is surrounded by a group of working class men, so he can use working class dialect words among…show more content…
This is because they would have not enough money if they do not have a job. Therefore, they try every single way to earn money, to find jobs, even joining the army with no concern about their safety. Because of financial problem, many working class men decide to join the military to earn money. The speaker himself has no job, so he has to sign up to be a soldier, to earn money. Furthermore, he also thinks that the man whom he kills is not much different from himself in facing and struggling difficulty. As in stanza 4, the speaker says that the man might sign up to be a soldier in the same reason, trying to get money. Additionally, the speaker says in the last line that if he were a friend of the man that man might have helped him by lending money. In the speaker’s speech, although the man whom he kills might not be wealthy, but having a friend to talk with might help in another way, such as giving a suggestion. As a result, it shows that the speaker himself is facing a financial problem as
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