How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Pearl Harbor Address

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Good morning Mr Gluyas and students, throughout life we are presented with many challenges, arguably none as horrific as those we face during times of war. One man who was faced with far too many great challenges was Franklin D. Roosevelt; the 32nd President of the United States of America serving his presidential term from 1933-1945. He served his term for the duration of the second world war and also during the great depression. With these times and in such a position of responsibility, however he was required to address his nation on the atrocities of war and how it had affected their soldiers. Which gives us his famous speech ‘Pearl Harbour Address to the Nation’ which he delivered on the 8th December 1941, just 1 day after the Pearl Harbour…show more content…
Last night, the Japanese attacked Wake Island.” This reinforces the severity and really drills it into the minds of his audience. These facts not only effectively show that the Japanese are powerful enough to attack the US, but powerful enough to attack various other nations within 24hrs of Pearl Harbor. His audience was shocked, and feared for their nation, this set up his chance to push them towards agreeing with and supporting their decision to enter the war. After providing such information he tries to ‘scare’ his audience into fearing for their resources and their land, but then reassuring them with his trust in the US military, thus invoking sense a sense of trust from the people in their leader. This proves to be an extremely effective technique and works well in his favour as the nation went up in arms together to support the decision and worked very well providing the government a source for propaganda, convincing their people to fight for their nation. Roosevelt uses lots of 1st person language to help exert his position of power and make it clear to his audience. “I have directed…I interpret the will of the Congress…I assert that I will” this language and choice of words really shows his audience that he is powerful and that he is taking charge and handling such a situation in a professional and resilient
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