How To Write A Short Story: Jawanna's Bully

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There is a girl named Jawanna and she is a bully and one day she at lunch and she decided she was going to mess with a girl named Maria. So, she walked up to Maria and said “’Maria that brownie sure looks good can I have it?” Maria replied “Sure Jawanna you can have I wasn’t gonna eat it any way.” So Jawanna took the brownie back where she was sitting and ate it along with three others. The next they were in class Maria had a pretty pink led-pencil and Jawanna wanted it so she went over to Maria’s desk from the pencil sharpener and said that “Hey Maria that’s a nice pencil can I borrow it.” Maria replied it’s my last one.” “ You’ve had it long enough and it’s not fair.” Said Jawanna. So they traded pencils and and at the end of class Jawanna
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