How To Write A Short Story: Margot's Cabin

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The children opened the door to see a pale faced shell of a human being.
“Oh, Margot!” one of the children cried. With no sign of anything wrong Margot began to run, leaving the children behind. Beyond tears, she ran and ran and ran… faster than anyone ever thought she could run. Left, right, left, right, she went from corridor to corridor in the vast labyrinth of base 45.A man and a woman ran through the intersection. But nobody runs on the base. The atmosphere on the base is so incredibly depressing and dull that everyone has lost all reason to do anything quickly. No money is made, the meals are tasteless, and the air is humid.
The couple stopped and asked her what was wrong, she kept running. The woman tried to go after her, but the man yelled, “We 're losing it!”
And the woman ran off. Margot Finally found her parents compartment. when they saw her, they knew exactly what was wrong.
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She was woken with yet another loud pop, but this one was different. the door was open, and the air was screaming out of the cabin, The yellow hatch had finally given for good this time. Her Father held on to the very beam that smashed his toe, and his mother was holding on to the now swinging open hatch, trying to shut it. Margot’s mother pulled and pulled and pulled, but it wouldn’t budge. There was a sound, a sort of wheezing, hissing, whistling sound. And a blue box that looked like it came out of the 1930s appeared, and the man she saw in the hall running opened the door, and screamed.
First her mom, then her dad, but Margot was too frightened to do it.
At that moment the man knew what to do.
“ DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE SUN?!” he screamed playfully.
And she let go. But when she did, Margot passed out. She found herself in a spaceship. but the front door was open and the man was standing there… with the glare of the sun on his face. She ran over, and looked outside, and there it was glowing brilliantly against the deep black of space. The silver
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