How To Write A Thesis Statement For Owen Roberts Middle School

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Argument Essay Outline
Thesis Statement: Owen J Roberts middle school should increase the time spent in F.C.S because it teaches student parenting skills, it teaches student how to handle money, and it teaches students to be independent.

T.S.--Owen J. Roberts should increase the amount of time in F.C.S because it teaches parenting skills.

Evidence 1- Knowing F.C.S a student would know what to do if giving the burden of babysitting or accidental pregnancy. For example a teen mom might not know to burp a baby because it's less obvious of a thing that a baby needs to do. But that’s one of the parts of taking care of a fake baby that is taught in F.C.S so they know when they have a child. Evidence 2- F.C.S also has collaboration when working with a child, so students who have the babies have to deal with them by taking turns like in real life. And people have to balance out their work and their child like in the case of F.C.S because students are presented with other work such as meal planner or sewing. …show more content…

T.S. Another reason that Owen J. Roberts should increase the time in F.C.S is that it helps students know how to prepare for money handling.

Evidence 1- After school the only way of students fending for themselves is by earning money or staying with someone else. Just about everyone will be put in this situation because money is used all around the world as currency. Which is why learning how to handle money is good to do before getting out of school. Because these life scenarios could actually happen to someone and handling it can be hard for an individual to

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