How To Write A Trickster Story

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The trickster stories share a glimpse of the awful and favorable outcomes that can be achieved through manipulation. The trickster in the trickster stories are usually outliers of their community, they don’t fit in with what is considered normal, and live a life more associated with solitude. This can be by the choice of the trickster, or the people agree that they should be disallowed from undertaking the rituals of society. One can understand being on the outside and looking in, and the way that can configure ones thought processes. You would want to use your abilities to make a name for yourself, to get people to notice. Loki and Raven are two tricksters who use their abilities to achieve different results. Loki is more concerned with causing…show more content…
Here Raven is still lying and deceiving, however he believes he is doing it for a good reason. Here we see Raven using his cunning ability to achieve what he wants, and still be able to do it in such a way that it doesn’t harm the person or thing he is trying to persuade. Raven is tricking his fictional grandfather, an old rich man who keeps the universes parts to himself, into giving him the stars, moon and light. Raven does this while he is transformed into a child, unbearably crying nonstop, the grandfather’s only way to quiet him is to give him what he wants. Raven does this process for good, as he releases these wonders into the world, where they naturally belong. That’s the power of a good trickster, like Raven he is getting what he wants, he is helping others, and he is not harming anyone in the process of it all. Loki will deceive and manipulate, to achieve his desired outcome, no matter what. Loki will use others in order to get what he wants, he will run away from the destruction he has caused. Being a trickster can be both good and bad, if you are trying to help fi what you think is morally wrong or you can use your intelligence for your own selfish

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