How To Write A Wyoma Provo Persuasive Essay

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BYU Provo: “The Y” Imagine a meager, blonde haired boy with big blue eyes sitting on the floor just a foot away from the mammoth box television, eyes glued to the tv. Imagine that same boy running outside with a football equal in length with his arms, eluding and evading every imaginary defensive player to lead The Cougars to the National Championship Game. Thirteen years later I’ve realized I won’t lead the football team, but my love for the school remains. Brigham Young University- Provo has always been my dream school. I want to major in Finance and the last ranking I saw BYU at was thirty-fourth . On top of this BYU has an elite academic profile worth at least ten times the current cost of tuition. It’s a very competitive school and I can’t wait to be pushed to be the best student I can and fully live up to the potential I have. Furthermore, Networking at BYU is unbelievable. You can secure lifelong friends and extensive contacts for the future. The people you meet should adhere to the standards of the honor code and therefore should be trustworthy and genuinely admirable people. I love attending the Young Singles Adult Ward in my hometown because of the perspectives from others like me and the ability to grow together with people who are at the same point in life. Similarly BYU is an even safer and…show more content…
I honestly believe the best version of me will come out of a Brigham Young University. After I get my bachelors degree I plan on attending a graduate program at BYU Provo. I believe I will go where I’m meant to go. Heavenly Father has a plan for me and I’ll just put faith in him that I’ll be placed where he wants me. Thankfully there’s also a school just four and a quarter hours north of Provo. BYU-Idaho offers mostly all of what I love about Provo, minus the obvious D1 athletics and my
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