How To Write An Essay About African American Culture

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Growing up in the Deep South in Alabama, I am considered a true country boy. My mother and biological father were both born and raised in Alabama. They married very young, however their marriage did not last. Subsequently, my mother met and married a soldier who was stationed at Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. Upon marriage, were quickly stationed at a base in Germany. Although I was born in the states, I am very grateful that I was able to experience life outside of the United States. Aside from living abroad, I got to travel abroad extensively. Once the tour was up overseas, we returned to the U. S. and another cultural dimension was added to my life. My two step-brothers came to reside with us after we returned to the United states. They were half African American and half Vietnamese. In an attempt to respect their cultural differences, we began to eat a lot of…show more content…
Perhaps, my Dad would be at PT or my Mom would be out the door for an early shift. What ever the reason was, we always looked forward to dinner because it was the one time that we could all count on seeing each other and catching up. According to the Cultural Interview the Philippines and the United States have a clear difference “The Philippines, with a score of 33, is considered a collectivistic society” (Centre,2016). Having differences is what makes knowing other nationalities fun and interesting, I for one love Philippine food. People from other countries may talk a different language, but in some way we all think the same on curtain experiences. Both of our countries have the poor and the rich, but everyone wants the finer things in life. No matter where you live or born you have to work hard to be successful. By doing this interview, it further more concreted my love for travel and appreciation of people from different parts of the world. I feel really blessed for serving overseas in the military, it has given me a great advantage on this

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