How To Write An Essay About Billy Sing's Life

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William “Billy” Sing was born in 1886 to an English mother and Chinese father. He grew up on a farm in rural Queensland with his two sisters. The towns he grew up in were Clermont and Proserpine in rural North Queensland. Life on the land was tough but Billy was courageous and spent most of his life helping his parents with jobs on the farm especially delivering milk and gardening. He was a skilled horse rider and talented at shooting. He was an excellent sniper, the three main topics of Billy 's life are the following:His before military career, His military career and After military career. Billy and his siblings grew up in Clermont and Proserpine in Central Western Queensland.As Billy was growing up he learnt many basic life skills early…show more content…
However, it is believed that number was more likely to be around 300 kills. “Billy Sing is like modern rockstar. Everyone in ANZAC knows him. In fact several Generals and even an Admiral go up to the frontline to watch him shoot” Squadron Leader Hugh Dolan. Billy 's biggest battle was the Turkish sniper known only to the Aussies as “Abdul the terrible”. Whilst Sing was sniping he had a spotter. The people that were usually his spotters were Ion Idriess or Tom Sheehan. One bullet fired from the Turkish side was destined for Billy and it hit him by going through Tom Sheehans telescope, mouth, cheek and hand before hitting billy in the shoulder. But it was Billy who shot and killed Abdul. Both the snipers had locked on to each other and a single pull of the trigger could end one mans life. In the end Billy was a split second faster and his bullet that was to make its way to Abdul hit the target, he had just won a personal battle against the crack shot Turkish sniper. He showed courage even after being shot to get revenge on the man that shot him, when Abdul was shot the Aussies felt safer because they weren 't being shot as an enemy sniper as
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