How To Write An Essay About Jackie Robinson Life

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During elementary school, I rarely struggled with the difficulty or workload. When I tested in and attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School for 7th grade, I was soon overwhelmed by the stress and workload. Because of how independent I was in grade school, I struggled with figuring out how to lessen the stress and deal with it. I rarely approached my parents, because of their lack of knowledge about my coursework. Even though my grades began to drop, I continued to believe that I could handle it on my own. After 7th grade though, I learned from my mistake, which was not knowing when or how to ask for help. When I entered 8th grade and then high school, I was committed to working with my teachers to ask them for assistance with subjects I struggled with. I polished my time management skills and studying…show more content…
His dream was seen as almost impossible and it was quite apparent that as a black man, he had to work ten times as hard as his white counterparts to get a fraction of their recognition. Regardless of the odds being stacked against him, Jackie excelled. He used the racist taunting to fuel his performance. Not only was Robinson a successful baseball player, but he also opened the doors for other African Americans to participate in now integrated major league sports. I believe that the biggest lesson my generation can learn from Jackie Robinson, is to stand tall against opposition. We shouldn’t sit around and wait for a role model to show up and break barriers, but we need to be the catalyst for change. Instead of listening to what he was told my many, Robinson achieved what was seen as almost impossible. With his accomplishments, Robinson teaches today’s youth that in many instances, the system is biased against us because of race or other factors, and the way to beat the system is to continuously show our
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