How To Write An Essay About My Literacy Development

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During my years as an adolescent, especially my time in elementary and junior high school, I have experienced a lot of sentiment towards my literacy development and use. Some of these significant memories have spurred me to become who I am today and some have dejected me throughout my years as a young adult. Predominantly, my school, and social surroundings have either shaped or deteriorated me. Past events in my life have led me to use language as a tool of power and communication. And others have degraded my literacy development long-term. It was my final year of junior high school in the eight grade. I was one of the few participants in the last of the two spelling bees of the school year. “Participants please take your seats” the Principal said, eagerly looking…show more content…
I might have lost the school spelling bee but I’m still keen in spelling and learning new words everyday. But that specific day had left me traumatized. From that day forward I felt uncomfortable sharing my literature, expressing myself, participating in academic events or something as simple as talking. This predicament fortunately faded away gradually throughout my years of development especially in high school. Anytime I am placed in the same position I was on that day I get feelings of nostalgia of this episode that occurred in my life. This triggered me to become self conscious and thus connects to an experience I went through during high school. In high school, every student had to take numerous state examinations for each subject called the Regents, administered by the State of New York. It was an exam based on what students learned throughout their year in each subject. These subjects would include English, mathematics, history, science, and foreign language. Subjects that I favored during high school were mainly mathematics, English, and science. My grades for these classes were above
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