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Walking from the car to the gate, you hear the sprightly voices of guests filled with anticipation of their upcoming journey. Six Flags offers everything imaginable from food of every kind, including local favorites such as McDonalds, Chili Dogs, Funnel Cakes, Slushes, and everything imaginable. Hurricane Harbor, Six Flag’s famous water park. A day in the sun full of wet, slippery, fast, and exciting rides with a refreshing wave pool. Six Flags also offers a chauffeured train ride through the park. The perfect day away with the family or friends is always at your closest Six Flags: relaxation, sun, and fun to please anyone. Immediately, walking into the gates of Six Flags, you’re surrounded by restaurants and food stores. To your far left is a small store selling fudge, candy, and ice cream. A little further around the corner, there is a restaurant offering everything: pizza, hamburgers, chili dogs, fries, and all your typical foods. McDonalds, right down the pathway, offers America’s well know every day favorites. With restaurants around every corner, selling…show more content…
Hurricane Harbor has something in everybody’s category of fun. Hurricane Harbor offers a water house for kids, offering three floors of fun, wet adventures. A huge tidal wave pool to give you the true sense of the Ocean and its hard and powerful waves; a lazy river, which floats you around on a tube with a pretty rock filled scenic tour. The slow, relaxing flow of the water is sure to relax the parents while the kids are splashing away. Multiple rides, packing water and high speeds on rafts with other guests are sure to throw a little excitement in for the action seekers. Families also never have to worry about the health and well-being of their kids, almost every corner you turn you see first aid stations. Of course, after a long day in the sun having fun and floating, there are refreshments and food in the water park for

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