How To Write An Essay On Hitler's Boy Soldiers

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Hitler’s Boy Soldiers

Hitler once said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Have you ever wondered if Hitler had other organizations in the palm of his hands other than the Nazis? Well, he did - the Hitler Youth was a nationwide group of teenagers that were eventually put in the same amount of danger and violence as soldiers. These youth would grow up to be S.S. soldiers for Adolf Hitler. He manipulated and overtook the youth of Germany, to a degree that they would obey his every command.

In the year 1920, 13 years before Hitler became chancellor of Germany he established a group throughout the country similar to the boy scouts. This group was known as the Hitler Youth. Although, in my opinion, Hitler was a madman, he had some sense of strategy. His plan was to have the youth carry out Nazi ideals. Every youth throughout this European country were strongly encouraged to join the Hitler Youth. Hitler advertised this, “club” in every way possible. He would have teachers tell students no older than me to join. He made it seem fun and told the children that they could skip school and go shoot guns, and made it seem all around magnificent.

The Hitler Youth affected Germany drastically. At its peak, 90 percent of
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When I hear about boy scouts I think service, kindness, and care. Hitler heard that, and bent it to the point of a new meaning. He distorted minds and gave them a sense of false reality. Sometimes I wonder what drove him to do this, and then remember that he himself had a sense of false reality. He was driven by the hunger for power, and complete perfection. Hitler ruined the lives of people, children included, and attempted to destroy a religious/cultural group, and gave his people
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