How To Write An Essay On The Salem Witch Trials

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The work of people being evil accusing people of crimes that was not attempted yet The salem witch trials all started in the year 1692. There was thousands of people was accused of witchcraft. And for others was accused of kidnapping little girls. twenty people died during the salem witch trials. Local people was almost everyday was getting harassed for them possessing witchcraft. Over 200 people was blamed for the witchcraft that was happening in the village where they lived and the little kids that was missing. But later in the salem witch trials people admitted the trials was a mistake and compensated the families of those who was convicted. AIDS it 's a horrible disease that anybody should not have it takes ur live away just making one little mistake. Aids is the next stage of HIV. Aids is known as the The silent decades as it is likely that HIV originated sometime during the 1960s but was unknown or not reported. The spread started in the 1970s when the medical community became aware.…show more content…
The virus that affects the apes and human system is call SIVcpz ( immunodeficiency virus ). The virus was only spreaded when the humans would go out and hunt for chimpanzees and when hunting if the humans were contacted with the infected chimpanzees they would also have the virus too. And so the question was how is the salem witch trials and aids are similar. Well they are alike because the salem witch trials and aids all started at close time to each other and aids was killing people but the virus killed millions of people. Unlike the salem witch trial that only killed about 20 people but at the end of all of this crisis the salem witch trials ended, but Aids is still out here in the world killing people that have the virus and spreading to others that don 't and killing and some states that is basically considered as
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