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How do you strip humanity from the humans? Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave tells about his version of the alien apocalypse. Even though this may seem to be a ordinary, boring, over told science fiction story, but The 5th Wave is different. It is in multiple point of views that you have to guess, but it gives hints as to who is speaking. Each section has a new narrator. The whole book is in 1st person point of view. The 5th Wave explains Cassie Sullivan 's story of getting the last surviving member of her family back. Every section leads back to Cassie, whether she knew them before the The book gets its title from the “waves” the aliens put towards humans. The first wave was a blackout, all electric powered device shut down. There were cars and planes crashing down, phones and tvs just going pitch black.…show more content…
She finds out the other’s story and gradually falls in love. With the help of her other, named Evan, she breaks into the camp Sammy is in. There she meets her old crush, Ben Parish, and seems to find out that he is trying to help Sammy as much as she is. Ben told Cassie about what the others were doing. Ben found out, with the help of Ringer, what the 5th wave was. Ben told Cassie that the 5th wave was as simple as one word. Us. The others ended up implanting everyone who went to their camp. They gave the graduated recruits visors that makes people glow if they do not have an implant. The recruits were told that the people who glow green where others. The recruits were taught that the only way to kill an other was to kill the host. I loved The 5th Wave more than many other books I have read. I loved the way it takes an old, overtold story and makes it into something so different. I didn’t like how the sections didn’t say whose point of view it was in, which made it confusing at times. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sci-fi books, or even movies. Yancey took an old story and added many fun

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