How To Write An Essay On The Gettysburg Battle

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Key Words: War, Rights, and Dedication On July 1st 1863,the first day of the Gettysburg battle started. The Confederate Cavalry attacked a Union Calvary division that the Confederates greatly outnumbered. The Union Calvary was able to hold the Confederates off and actually drive them back until late that afternoon. When the Confederates reinforcements arrived they helped overpower the Union soldiers and force them to retreat. The Union army then Attempted to regroup on Cemetery Hill where they joined by the bulk of General Meade’s Union army. During the first hours of the battle Union General John Reynolds was killed and the Yankees realized that they were outnumbered. The battle was near the northwestern rim of Gettysburg. The confederates applied pressure Along the Union front so they could slowly drive the Yankees through the town. When the evening approached, the federal troops rallied on high ground on the southeastern edge of Gettysburg. Meade’s army formed a three-mile long line running from Culp’s Hill on the right flank, to the Cemetery Hill and Cemetery Ridge, and…show more content…
Lee to break the Union line but this brought the most important and affective battle of the American Civil War to an end. Lee had planned an assault on the Meade’s Center due his failure. Both armies were exhausted this day after fighting for so long. The Army of Potomac was too weak to attack or fight the confederates and Lee finally led his army out of the north. The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point in the Civil war. There were a lot of people killed and wounded or missing in action during this battle. On November 19th, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Address during the power of the new national cemetery at the site of the battle of Gettysburg. The civil war ended with Lee’s army being the last men standing in northern Virginia in April
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