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In What’s eating Gilbert Grape, Becky, who is one of the main characters in the story, is a glamorous young woman with a brown short hair. She is hopeful for her life and brave to face the problems in every day. That’s because of her strong personality. And she is also friendly and optimistic to people. Her optimism gives Gilbert who is her partner relief and hope in the film. In Becky’s childhood, she was not such a cherry girl before. Her parents have been separated in that time, and she fell into the darkest period of her life. Fortunately, she got her grandma’s help and after a long-term journey with her grandma, she could face to the pain from her family. Becky became optimistic and honest to life and also for herself, and she wanted to see more views from nature and people in the path of her life. Now she finds her true lover named Gilbert in a small town nearby highway,…show more content…
Maybe in that moment, she became aware that Gilbert had no choice to stay here till the end of his life and had no ability to carry the weight of love and hope. He could only consider that Becky was a temporary dream of freedom for him. But she returned him her love deeply even though she knew that one day she has to go and he could only stay here. Believing that’s so hard for a girl in hot love to accept the truth easily that they will be divided soon. After Gilbert becomes optimistic towards his family, Becky knows his choice and leaves without any redundant words. Although she comes back when she hears that Gilbert decide to leave because of his mom’s death at the end of the film. She’s leaving represents that the importance of her as Gilbert’s lover. Love from partner is deeper than love comes from family and it can change a person completely to be different. As the saying goes “At the touch of love everyone could change themselves to different person.” This a lesson that people could learn from Gilbert and
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