How To Write An Outline For The Kite Runner

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In the beginning of the book “The Kite Runner” one of the main characters named Amir receives a phone while he currently lives in California in America. The phone call was from his friend Rahim Khan. While Amir sat on a park bench he stared to think about what Rahim said to him just before hanged up, “There’s away to be good again,” which made him flashback to the winter of 1975. During his childhood he had a servant named Hassan which they were two different types of Muslims. This also made their relationship a little shady because Hassan considered him as a friend while Amir did not. Amir and his father Baba is Pashtun Sunni Muslim while Hassan and his father Ali is Hazara and Shi’a Muslim. Amir and Baba life in a nice house and Hassan and his father lives in a shed. When Hassan is around, jealousy…show more content…
While they were settled in California, Amir meets a lady named Soraya. Later on Soraya starts introducing Amir to her family. While they’re in California, Baba was diagnosed terminal cancer. His last wish was for his son and his girlfriend to get married. After they fulfilled Baba’s last wish, he dies. Rahim Khan is dying so he calls Amir to explain what is going on. Amir decides to take a trip to Pakistan, but little did he know he know he would found something out that was going to change his life. After he arrives Rahim Khan goes on about how worst it gotten since he left. Amir life changed we he discovered that his servant and his wife had died, but their son was in an orphanage. Later on he also discovered that Hassan was his half-brother. Amir was sent by Rahim Khan to go get Hassan’s son, Sorhab, who was located back in Kabul. Sorhab was under the ownership of Assef, which this was Amir’s chance to brave. He fought for Sorhab so he could be free from Assef. While Amir and Assef remained to fight, Sorhab jumped into action and uses a slingshot to struck Assef in the
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