How To Write An Outline For The Monster Persuasive Essay

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I. Thesis 1: The monster is only a metaphor for a certain feeling, time, or place in a culture. It signifies something other than itself. It is constructed by society and different monstrous ideas are projected onto it like a reflection. The monster stays alive because no one knows the next turn it is going to take. The uncertainty in the monster’s decisions is what makes it immortal.
A. Scene Connection: Curtis discovers what the tail of the train has been eating for the last eighteen years, cockroaches, and this new knowledge makes him have more hatred for the head of the train controlling him, Wilfur. This projects a new more horrible idea on the already existing monster.
B. Essay Connection: Kimmel argues throughout Masculinity as Homophobia” that society is who puts up these guidelines and rules that men have to follow in order to be considered manly. They project what a real man should look, feel, and act like.
II. Thesis 2:
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It vanishes when after one fear and returns just in time for the next. It always returns slightly modified in a different disguise. Cohen used different monsters throughout the world to show the diversity and slight changes in each monster, but showed how they’re all the same idea.
A. Scene Connection: Just when Curtis thought they were making progress by working their way up the train, he gets thrown a new monster from Paul, the protein bar maker. Curtis gets stopped in his tracks when he finds out how low he has been really living. He has to face the monster of being fed cockroaches by himself in order to be a good leader.
B. Essay Connection: In Gay’s “Bad Feminist: Take One”, there is not one set idea of feminism. Every feminist she wrote about in her essay had a different idea of the word and meaning. The word feminist has a lot of negative connotations connect to it and a lot of women do not want to be associated with the ever-changing monstrous word.
III. Thesis
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