How To Write An Urban Sprawl Essay

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Many aren’t aware of the problem we have with urban sprawl. Everywhere we go we see farmlands and forest being destroyed to build houses, offices, and parks. There are many issues towards urban sprawl in how it affects our country and certain areas that could affect individuals. We already have many environmental issues we have to deal with like global warming, climate changes, deforestation, and pollution. Urban sprawl has increased certain environmental issues starting with deforestation. Urban Sprawl is when population moves from a populated area to a low density residential development in other words people move from certain areas to another to find somewhere “better” to live, many think it’s a good idea when it comes to moving, but what…show more content…
It has come to my attention that urbanization tends to take place mainly on farmlands, in 2010, statistics were released showing that America loses an acre of farmland every minute and that the U.S. has lost more than 6 million acres of farmland since 1997. We not only lose an acre every minute, but the loss suffered by farmers and wildlife. Urban sprawl is the toughest problem we face, we lose some of the best fruit farms the country has by replacing them with large houses, parking lots, highways, stores, and malls. When you look around you don 't see very many farmlands which is hard to think that we will have enough land to grow our food in the future with growth of population comes more people and more people comes the need for more housing, which causes cities, and towns to constantly expand. The fact that we lose an acre of land every minute makes it hard to feed a large population, while urban sprawl increases population it also decrease the amount of food like fresh supply, and local foods. This situation can easily be prevented to protect our agricultural land by increasing the density so that more people live in townhouses and apartments instead of large blocks of

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