How To Write Annotated Schizophrenia Case Study

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The client is a twenty one-year old African American male, unwed and does not have any children and currently resides with his mother was referred to Evolutions Treatment center to address his Substance Abuse Disorder. Fred was born to an unwed couple in Long Island, New York and relocated to Wellington, Florida when he was two-years old due to his mother work schedule. He reported being primarily raised by his maternal grandparents until seventeen-years old, which he later went to live with his mother in Sunrise, Florida. The client described his relationship with his grandparents as "okay" and noted is grandparents, specifically his grandmother was overprotective of him. He noted that he was not allowed to leave the home without an adult supervision. Fred opined because of his strict upbringing, he lacks the ability to make good decisions and life skills. In regards to his relationship with his mother, he described her as being his "best friend" and someone he can depend on for emotional support. He noted that although he was not raised by his mother, she was always there for him. He recalls his mother picking him up on the weekends to spend time with her. When asked about his relationship with his father, he noted that he…show more content…
He described symptoms related to schizophrenia, such as auditory hallucinations however, he denied being formally diagnosed with this disorder. The client acknowledged that he does has anger management problem, he shared he is short tempered and mentioned he has punched holes into his mother 's bedroom door. Information was collaborated with his mother of Fred 's change in behavior. According to Ms. Millar, Fred would throw temper tantrums, has anger issues and impaired ability to make good decisions. She noted his behavior has impacted his relationship with his family and has led to a strain on the family

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