How To Write Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Speech

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There’s more to Life than Stale Brownies and Sheltering Your Child Hello, parents of the PTA meeting. I’m here to address, and shed some light on an issue that I see among us. As you might know, Jennifer, our leading lady in the and bingo night organizing has a problem with our school teaching Lord of the Flies to her sixteen year old. She’s started a petition to ban the book entirely. And… It looks like a lot of you have signed it…. Tammy, Linda, Susan, Jill… I could go on. May I ask why? Why are you trying to censor a classic novel? Is it because you feel as though you are ‘protecting’ your child? Is it because you’re on board with whatever the first mom says? Have you ever read Lord of the Flies? Also, do you think it’s the school’s job to raise your children? It’s written in the little blurb above…show more content…
And I’m sure you wouldn’t be too pleased if you went through his browser history. My point is, you’re not protecting your kid from anything. If it’s happened, our kids will probably know about it before we do. I don’t think them reading and analyzing a book about twelve year old boys stranded on an island is going to mentally affect and damage them as much as you think. They’re not going to go out into the real world half naked and relying on a conch to speak, setting fire to cars and making a trophy out of a pigs head. This book is so much more than what is on the surface, and if any of you bothered to pay attention in your own English classes, maybe you would’ve learned that. This kind of ‘protection’ you seem to think that you are providing is what gets your kids in trouble. Kind of like when our schools decided – after one of our BRILLIANT PTA ideas – that we should teach abstinence-only when it came to sex education. And our pregnancy rate spiked. It’s not the best method of teaching, but we can just ignore the fact that ignoring the facts just doesn’t
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