How Unethical Development Causes Of A Natural Disaster

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How unethical development triggers natural disaster The cause of flooding or natural disaster are a weak management process of government, greed and livelihood in Myanmar. In rural areas, people use logging trees, but they do not practice as much as the business people use, the military cronies are such a greedy and the government is weak in the bureaucratic process. The unbalance economic system makes to differentiate between rich and poor, the rich people have more opportunities to grow up their business, the poor people have fewer opportunities to grow up even their own business. This essay will focus on how unfair economic system and unethical development contribute natural disaster and how it affects the people of Myanmar or Burma, and government exploitation. The Chines government voracious wanted is all natural resources of China from Myanmar, it is Chines government’s long term program. Burmese, Thai and Chines companies have scheduled to build 5 large dams in Salween River in Myanmar to export to other neighbouring countries. In major 26 dams, 6 dams have already been constructed and 20 dams are under the plan legally. Many dams that the government has not declared yet. If it’s raining heavily, the downstream water lever will be fluctuating widely subject to release of water from the dams, and it will increase flooding enormously risks through the river (Burma river network, 2015). These are threatening to our progeny’s future. Furthermore, a large quantity of trees

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