How WWII Changed America

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We all wonder how WWII has changed the world, especially the United States. WWII was a very complicated war, just like every other war. WWII changed Americans everyday life. Industries in America were producing lots and lots of things in everyday life in America. When the war came into play, the industries changed dramatically. The industries changed to the mass production of war materials, and without the people working in the war industries, we would have never survived and won the war. However, one of the biggest attitude changes were the ones women created about women working in the factories alongside men. Just like WWI, when the men went off to work, women would work with materials to help provide for the family. Women did the same in WWII, but they kept working. Everyone’s attitude changed toward women in the workplace. One real icon for working women was Rosie the Riveter. Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon that represents the women working in the workplaces such as factories and even shipyards. Rosie the Riveter was chosen because of her inspiring acts toward women in the workplace. She is a cultural icon to join women together in the workplace. Why Rosie? Rosie, also known as Geraldine Hoff, was 19 years old when Norman Rockwell, a painter, asked her to model for a painting. Shortly after the painting, she became a feminist icon for…show more content…
The most major change was the attitude toward women in the workplace. Everyone changed their view toward women and how their role was played in the workplace. Women began working just as hard as men and began to be recognized for their hard work. Women’s life had changed forever at the end of WWII. They had began working with men forever. Women however, were still not considered as important as men even though they were doing the same job, and they wouldn’t be anywhere near important as the men until the Civil Rights Movements until the
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