How WWII Changed Clothing

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World War II and rationing changed fashion for not only for the well to do that wore expensive designer clothing, people performing military duties, but also the average civilian person. Shortly after the war started, it left no one unaffected by the war in some way. Everyone had at least one soldier in their family or knew of a soldier that was serving their country, and that made the war and the war effort more personal. People who would not ordinarily comply with the rules that were inconvenient and sacrificing would make an effort. The government used that fact as leverage to encourage everyone to come together and cooperate with recycling, rationing and not to waste materials. They discouraged people buying and selling outside the commodities…show more content…
At the bottom of the poster, it said, “Which can you do without?” The government issued the same number of coupons for children and adult clothing, but the children 's clothing cost fewer coupons because children grow fast and treat their clothes to rough wear. The war disrupted people’s lives from their daily routines, the food they prepared, and to the clothes they wore. It was hard enough for the poor and middle class to make do, but it was twice as hard for the wealthy or well to do people who not used to doing without or making do. Therefore, in many ways, the war was an equalizer, and the government and most civilians expected others to pull their weight by working for the war effort in some way or at least abiding by the rules. Everywhere people looked there were advertisements on billboards, diaper bags, bread wrappers, buses, and anything especially women used. On these advisements would be images of female workers with slogans such as, “We Can Do IT” and “Use it up, wear it out, or do without.” Even Hollywood encouraged people to participate in the war effort in messages before movies played in theaters. Loretta Young and other stars told women they were vital to the war effort in speech before, during a break, or after
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