How Was Alexander Hamilton Born

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Alexander Hamilton’s life began as troubling as it ended in the small village of Charlestown, Nevis, one of the capitals of one Island in the British West Indies at the time on January 11, 1755. There is often debate regarding which year he was truly born because there was no documentation of it. Peter Lytton, one of his relatives mentioned that Hamilton was 13 years old when his mother died making his birth year 1755, yet 1757 was the year that Hamilton claimed he was born. The generally accepted year is 1755 as it is better documented and legally proven, despite Hamilton’s personal account due to him trying to get into college. Nevis, the island in which Hamilton stated he grew up on, was originally colonized by England as an island specifically for sugarcane. Sugarcane became one of the most lucrative trading endeavors in that period due to the lust of sweetening tea, coffee, and cocoa by the rich capitals of European countries. England swept the streets of…show more content…
However, in the very few times he mentioned his boyhood, he alludes to being taught by a tutor of Jewish heritage who taught him to repeat the Decalogue in Hebrew. The island of Nevis had recently been flooded with Jews due to the persecution in Brazil and the lust of sugarcane profit. His mother also taught him as much as she could by teaching him French. Rachel moved her two sons to St. Croix in the now U.S. controlled Virgin Islands in late 1765 where Hamilton spent the rest of his childhood. Hamilton continuously credits his mother for his entire being, including his intelligence, which is why her death created a determination in him that never settled. Shortly after New Year’s Day of 1787, Rachel contracted a terrible fever that did not subside even after the efforts of a local doctor, Dr. Heering. Two weeks later, Rachel died with Alexander by her side in her small house on 34 Company Street in St.
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