Argumentative Essay: Was Andrew Jackson Democratic?

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Was Andrew Jackson Democratic? Script for Con Side Intro Argument: Andrew Jackson promised a new stage of democracy to the people. However, did he really follow on this promise? Overall, Jackson did not practice democracy with his numerous offences. The definition of a democracy is the population votes as a whole and everyone is equally represented. By modern standards however, America was far from democratic during Jackson’s presidency. Women could not vote and were legally controlled by their husbands, slavery was growing in southeast states, and Native Americans were forced out of their own rightful land. No action was taken to resolve any of these issues by Jackson. In other words not everyone benefited equally from Jackson’s presidency. Tyranny is defined as a cruel and and unreasonable use of power, which is exactly what Jackson employed. Andrew Jackson did not…show more content…
He pretended not to be of his era, only stopping to help natives and African Americans when it benefited him and his views. He only helped black people when he knew there was a possibility that they would die in a war he created. He worked to destroy the very government he was appointed to, which, if he succeeded, he would have caused a collapse in American society, and the possible destruction of the entire country.This goes against the definition of democracy, the population votes as a whole and everyone should be equally represented. If a president today were to rip people from their homes, forcing them into a tiny amount of land, calling them savages, there would be protests on every corner. Though times were different back then, that doesn’t excuse us today justifying his actions. The common man, it seems, were only shattered bits of mirrors, reflecting himself back onto the
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