How Was Henry Viii Cruel Or Evil Leader

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In 1534 the Church of England was created. The Church was once known as the Roman Catholic Church. In the Catholic Church, one was only allowed to marry one person, and people were not able to divorce their spouse. One was required to stay with that person until the end. The man who changed that was Henry VIII; he did this because he wanted to marry other people (Lucent, 10). He also killed the wives that he did not want to live with anymore because he did not like them (Williams,1). Henry was also good in battles and training. He also killed most of his children because he wanted a son to become ruler when he died. He did not like the daughters that he had because he needed people to take his role when he died. Although Henry VIII was an adamant and mighty king, he was also a cruel and evil leader who executed many people.…show more content…
When he went to school, he went to school with many noble children (Lucent, 13). Both of his sisters, Margaret and Mary, were also in this school with noble children. This meant that he went to school with other kids whose parents were in high official. He also had a tutor to help him with all his studies (Lucent, 17). His tutor was a priest, scholar, and a poet, who helped him get where he needed to be on time. The instructor helped him become a priest and a high official in the Catholic Church. His tutor was a priest in the Catholic Church. His teacher could have helped him become strong in the Catholic Church's eyes.Henry’s teacher helped him get very far in his life which allowed him to get very far in his life and gain much
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