How Was Hung Wu's Early Life

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Q1)How was Hung Wu’s early life? • Hung-Wu started off as a poor peasant on the side of Fengyang. • At the age of 14 (1344)after a great famine Hung-Wu was left alone with no family member because his family died of starvation. • In (1345) he went to Buddhist called Hua Shan high in the mountains above Fengyang where he left in (1352) • Eventually, in (1352) Hung-Wu joined a group of rebels called the Red Turbans. History teachers claim 90% of the red Turbans were jealous of Hung-Wu Sources: The Chinese History pages 145-150 Q2) What rules did Hung-Wu enforce during his reign • Hung-Wu believed in the traditional Confucian( examination system which selected the civil servants on the basis of knowledge which helped people to get education. •…show more content…
• During the middle part of his reign a book was published and its name was Fish Scale Records to protect those who brought land under cultivation could keep it as their property. • In 1372 Hung wu ordered the generals to release all innocent people who had been enslaved during Mongol rule. Sources: www . Hung Wu The Chinese Fisher History Cyclopedia page 159. Q3) How did he rise to power? • Hung-Wu sent his generals Xu Da and Chang Yuchun to lead troops against the north to Peking. • At the beginning of 1368 Hung-Wu proclaimed himself emperor of the Ming dynasty, establishing his capital at Nanjing. • Hung wu was adopted as his reign title, and he is usually referred to as the Hung wu emperor. • The Hung wu emperor was cruel, suspicious, and irrational, especially as he grew older as he executed 15,000 men in the same day.

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