Ulysses S. Grant: The Best President

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Ulysses S. Grant- The Best President in the United States was in the time of 1869-1877. Working to help rebuild the homes and towns that were destroyed, and build the feelings with one and another especially in the south with reconstruction. We need someone to focus on the best interest of our nation. Some Best presidents are brave, successful, and willing to make sacrifice. Ulysses S. Grant commanded the victorious Union during the Civil War in 1861-1865. He was a national hero after the civil war. Main focus was the Reconstruction for the North and South and he wanted to reconcile the both sides while also attempting to protect civil rights of newly freed Black slaves. While in office he did not recognize fast that his associates were corrupted.…show more content…
We need our nation to be strong as our hearts are and by that we would have succeeded past the other nations military by being #1 strongest. But on the Top 3 strongest.Grant made sacrifices to his life to command the Union army and be a great Commander. Spending your life in a military style. Went to school when he was 17, then after school he because an officer for the U.S. military while not living a different style of life. What that means is he could of dropped out the military and be a free man and have no worries about losing soldiers and losing a war. Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president after Andrew Johnson's bad and terrible term. So he had to pick up after Andrew and all his mistakes in 1864-69. Grant was an average student at the school he attended to which was West Point. West Point was located in New York. Grant understands the people’s struggle as he was once raised by a leather tanner from Ohio before he was 17. Grant was a gifted writer. His memoirs show a clear, concise style in his life and is considered as great, if not then the best written autobiography by a president. He was writing his memoirs after he had discovered that he has throat cancer and eventually passed away. By 1855 Grant passed away by his throat cancer. Ulysses loved Cigars and not only did he smoked them, he also chewed them. So that’show the cancer came from in his
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