How Were African Americans Treated In The 1800s

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During the 1800’s slavery had been an issue not only around the country but throughout the world. It created many disputes and caused many violent outbursts. There was even a war fought over the right to own slaves. To some they thought slavery was unjust and inhumane but to others they thought that it was the only way to make profit. However in 1865 the constitution finally outlawed slavery in the us.(13th amendment) The constitution stated that governments were prohibited from depriving a person 's life, liberty and property. Although slavery was abolished many African Americans were still deprived of their rights and were treated just as poorly as before. The reconstruction was not only a failure but was treated as a joke to all african americans. This idea is shown through laws against African Americans and the unfair way they were treated. Although the war gave many slaves their freedom, still many slaves faced many obstacles and injustices. For instance white southerners established their own authority and created black codes. These codes restricted black men from finding jobs which made it nearly impossible to provide for themselves or their family. Many states also required…show more content…
African Americans in the 1800’s had been controlled nearly their entire life, Once they were freed they thought they could start over on their own and become part of the community. That was not the case however. Instead they had unfair laws placed on them which caused many upset and confused African Americans. The white southerners never gave the African Americans and chance to fully live there free life. They still felt the necessity to control their life. Every american needs to realize that everyone is created equal. Everyone should have the same rights and should be under the same law. The amount of growth that our nation has reached to today is truly amazing. We came together as a whole and realized what was setting us back. Anything is achievable the only limit is
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