How Were Women Treated In The 1600's

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Women in the 1600s to the 1800s were very harshly treated. They were seen as objects rather than people. They were stay-at-home women because people didn’t trust them to hold jobs. They were seen as little or weak. Women living in this time period had to have their fathers choose their husbands. Their fathers and husbands would use them as slaves, housewives, objects, etc. They were seen as property to their fathers and husbands. Once a father chose a husband for his daughter, her husband would basically own her. He would misuse and abuse her. During this time, people believed that women were only good at cooking, cleaning, or nurturing their children and couldn’t do much else. Because people thought this way, women were uneducated unless they were in the upper class. Wealthy women would sometimes have private tutors that would teach them.…show more content…
They were not allowed to serve in the military. They were not allowed to have any political opinions. If they did have an opinion, people disregarded it. An interesting example of this is when Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, started talking about women’s rights to her husband. Every time she mentioned something, he disregarded it. Women didn’t have many rights until later in the early 1800s. In conclusion I think that it was wrong of them to blatantly ignore what the women in society had to say and to treat them the way that they did. I think that they should have at least given women a chance to prove themselves, because we all know that women are just as capable as
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