How Were Women Treated In The 1930's Essay

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Regardless of social class or wealth, rich or poor, women in the 1930’s China were always inferior to men. Women were treated more like objects and possessions rather than humans, when it came to marriage. Women had no say in almost anything, they couldn’t object or disapprove a marriage they were matched in, most were treated with little or no respect from their husbands, the ones that were treated with respect were a rare bunch. Even women from the highest class, had once been treated as mere servants to their needy husbands, only to do nothing but obey, in the name of honor, luck, wealth, and reputation for their families. It went the same for poor women, who had to consider it to be a blessing to be married to any kind of family, regardless of how abusive or unfaithful the husband was. In which, the mothers in Tan’s…show more content…
And how another women walked for days with her infant twin daughters (a baby under each arm) to escape from an invasion that would most definitely leave her dead if she stayed, getting blisters and bleeding from her hands and feet, only to grow weak and leave her twins behind in hope a generous stranger would find them and care for them, also leaving her jewels and money with the twins as well as a reward. Tan chose these portrayals to show the power of maternal love and helps us sympathize why the mothers act the way they do to their own current daughters because all they really did want is the very best for their daughters, not like the life their mothers had to go through with the oppression and fear of poverty. The stories of the mothers were practically in the same circumstances as the actual historical realities. But in the end, it was all to keep their family happy and alive, while the women endured their own suffering with no one to help them but

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