How Were Women Treated In The 1960's

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In the 1960’s, the women's population of how many worked outside of their house had been 35%. Also in the 1960’s, the work force women had increased by 6 percent since 1950 and had become 35%. Women’s employment with children who had gone to school had also increased. Women who had children who were preschoolers had been a major influence in work because ⅓ of them were working outside their house. Also, 40% of women with children ages six to seventeen years old had been working outside of their house. Women had been never been treated with respect in the 1960’s because men were the dominants. During the 1960’s, women had started a movement to stress equality to men in their lives. When women had started working more in the 1960’s divorces started happening more frequently. This had resulted in women working and also taking care of there kids at the same time.…show more content…
But, some women who worked had said that they didn’t not get the freedom and they felt they had more opportunities being a stay at home mother. During the 1960’s, 42% of black families had lived in poverty. Most of them were featuring single women. During the women's movement, both white and black women had joined in a shared cause. But even if they tried they were still considered second class citizens. Women had been insulted by men during their march to equality. The men used to make sarcastic and offensive comments to
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