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What is the meaning and purpose of life? This is the subject of the article, “how Will You Measure Your Life” by Dr. Clayton M. Christensen in the Harvard Business Review. The world is organized by a nested system. Global economic fluctuates within time. Therefore, many people are concerned only with appreciating their status but do not realize the purpose of life. Real fulfillment comes from families that are the enduring source of happiness. Some people say that to be happy one must be satisfied with achieving self-esteem and self-actualization. In order to achieve self-actualization, one must have the entire thing they want and need also even more. Which, money is the last of their concerns. Dr. Christensen questions, as a human being have…show more content…
Christensen’s first question,” How can we be certain that we will be happy in our career?” There is no certainty that guarantees a happy career. But, its also depends upon how people classify happiness. Is happiness in a form of great wealth or is it taking the time to do something you appreciate and feel less stress? For example, people in the agriculture industry are very different from the banking industry. A farmer does not have to handle as much stress as of having a boss telling them what to do in their own land and when they feel that the work needs to be done, then they will do it. Which, also give more free time to rest and spend with their beloved. Whereas a banker has to follow strict procedures in the workplace, sometimes may not have personal space, the work can be stressful and boring. However, if your happiness comes from banking than that will satisfy your career life. Therefore to be sure that we will be happy in our career is by doing what we like even if the pay is low. In my perspective, I was raised up from a family of farmers but had to study in the UK since the age of six and further my studies in Thailand at the age of 13 until now. But I have always regretted my education as it took apart my childhood happiness in the agricultural industry even though I was also happy studying. However, I could not help but wonder if my life could be happier as a farmer instead of running the family
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