How Will You Measure Your Life

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In reality, there are many life purposes for each person. Some people might think that success in career is their life purpose. Some might think differently. Achievement in career for them might not be as important as happiness at home. There is no right or wrong. It depends on each person. In the article, “How Will You Measure Your Life?” written by Dr. Clayton M. Christensen in the Harvard Business Review. This article explains strategies that we have learned in classes to apply in our personal life. These strategies will become useless if we could not apply it in the real world. Additionally, some over-achievers are never happy because they do not measure their lives. Therefore, the ways to be successful in work and life at the same time are setting a clear goal, balancing life and work, and maintaining a positive mental attitude.…show more content…
The sooner people set the goals; the faster people can achieve the goals. This will make them to be clear on what they need to do first. Then, what they should do next is the plan for their future. Planning on the future helps concentrate on the most important things, which are the key to success. Hence, there is no time wasted. “If they don’t figure their life purpose, they will just sail off without rudder and get buffeted in the very rough seas of life” This quote is written by Christensen. He gives a significant advice of life purpose. You might not find the way to be successful person without having a clear goal of life. However, it is better to set a goal for both your career and life rather than just one aspect. This will satisfy your goal in terms of work and

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