How William Franklin Turned The American Revolution

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The son of Benjamin Franklin, William Franklin, was attached to the Loyalist ideas. William Franklin was born in Philadelphia in 1731. William always enjoyed helping his father with experiments of conduction of electricity. William was a very intelligent men, at the age of 21 he earned a master 's degree. The life of the Franklin’s was going well until the American Revolution broke out. Franklin the father became one of the leading voices of the Patriots. William became the Royal Governor of New Jersey. William was arrested in 1776. He got his liberty release in 1778, after that he led a group called the Associated Loyalists. This group went to General Henry Clinton and asked for custody of a Continental officer named Joshua Huddy. They told General Henry they would exchange Huddy for a high ranking British officer; instead they hung him. Clinton was infuriated and thus ended the political career of William Franklin. Patriots were colonists who rebelled against British control during the American Revolution. Patriots want their liberty from Great Britain. As a group, Patriots were powerful in social and economic. Some important men in this group were lawyers Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, personalities like Thomas Jefferson and George…show more content…
These war begun between Great Britain and the 13 united British colonies on the United States. However, this war ended in a global war between European powers. This war was the bomb of the American Revolution where the colonists do not want the rights of the Great Britain in governing them without any representation. In 1775, revolutionaries had gained control of the thirteen colonial governments. They set up the Second Continental Congress and formed a Continental Army. Petitions to the king to intercede with the parliament on their behalf resulted in being declared as traitors by the Congress and the states went on for the rebellion the following
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