How Would Jesus Raise A Child Teresa Whitehurst Analysis

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In "How Would Jesus Raise a Child?" Dr. Teresa Whitehurst is a psychologist who has experience in parenting and examines the practical and insightful ways in which one can parent their children through Jesus 's teachings. Dr. Whitehurst urges parents not just to look at the biblical passages on how to parent a child. To take into consideration how Jesus ministered throughout his life to his disciples and others. It took Jesus ' views and methods to show his disciples and others that he looks into one 's heart, and responds to them. Parents can take Jesus 's views and practices and incorporate them into their parenting style and approaches. Dr. Whitehurst talks about modern trends that are in disagreement with Jesus ' teachings. She gives examples on how to reach parents and children in need of spiritual and character…show more content…
She guides in a way that shows the world 's approach, and Jesus ' approach and the effects both can have on the parent-child relationship and others. Dr. Whitehurst encourages parents to use Jesus ' teachings to guide them with certain principles that will influence their children and families in a positive way. She assures that parents will encounter temptations, but Jesus ' teachings can lead parents in a way to resist temptation and raise their children by Jesus 's approach and not the world 's approach. This method will help children become more receptive to Jesus and his messages through spiritual and character development. Dr. Whitehurst urges parents to learn more, so they can grow and share their insight with their children. Begin living out what they have learned, have room for forgiveness and pray daily. Jesus 's teachings will give parents greater strength, wisdom, and support in parent-child relationships and also
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