How Would Utilitarians View Human Cloning

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1. To what extent do you feel that genetic experimentation should be allowed, especially experiments that involve the creation of human life in the laboratory and the cloning of human beings? I’m not sure if I agree with cloning at all. I believe that when it is a person time to die then it is their time and no one should get favors. Cloning can create genetical defects and nowhere does it specify that the diseases you already have wont transfer over to your clone. 2. How would Utilitarians view human cloning? I believe they would not like most of this because most of these clients just want to be cloned for their own benefit and not to help others. They would be very picking for the use of these clones because if it is not helping a mass majority of people then what is the point. 3. Could there be an overall benefit for humanity here? There could be if the disease that they had did not pass through to the clones and I would need more information like, do the clones…show more content…
If it will transfer the disease then I would not see the point in cloning anyone with a disease because they are just going to pass away eventually just like the original. I would not pick Arthur Williams because of age if the clone does age as well, I would also not pick Philip Taylor because he has a terminal illness, nor would I pick Janice Caldwell. I would not pick Janice only because she wants to have her clone for selfish reason to only benefit herself and only herself, but she claims her writing will help others which no one can every certain. I would have to go with the couple since they want children but cannot have any children and it would be a very interesting trail to study over the course of the clone’s lives. If age and disease was not an issue then I might pick Arthur Williams because he only wants to help others medically and has a very experienced smart

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