How You Will Measure Your Life Essay

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“How You Will Measure Your Life?” written by Dr. Clayton M. Christensen teaches theories that can help people success not only in business, but in life. Through the use of business case studies and personal experience, Dr. Clayton shows how to achieve personal success. He discusses about how to ensure a happy career life, family life, and how to stay out of jail. After reading, I learn life lessons that can be used in real life which include the importance of learning, life purpose, and resource allocation. Firstly, I learned that processes and priorities are more valuable than resources. Resources are money, time, and energy. Processes are how you use resources, think, ask question and solve problems. Priorities determine how the decision is made. Dr. Clayton mentions the importance of teaching people to think rather than directly giving answers. It is crucial in learning because the importance in learning is not the answer, but it is the…show more content…
Dr. Clayton said without a purpose life can be hollow. By that, he means a life purpose is the center as we decide to spend our time, talents, and energy. If people do not have any idea of what they want to become, everything can become pointless. A lot of people make mistakes by delaying their decision of what the purposes of their lives are and do not end up the life they hope to live. They do not realize that life will only get more demanding in the future over time. Therefore, life purpose is important because it is applied in every day. It directs us to the path that we want to be and guide us to spend our resources more efficiently to achieve the goals. For example, many students chose their studying majors without reasons. This often results in a waste of resources and inconsistency in studying and working fields. Living a life day by day is meaningless, thus we should develop a purpose of living, place it at the center of life, and commit to
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