Smartphone Advantages And Disadvantages

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How Young Is Too Young For A Smartphone? Today about 80 percent of teens between 12 and 17 own a smartphone, and it’s not uncommon to see three and four years old becoming quite fluent with using a touch tablet or a touch device, so by the time they turn 6 or 7 years old they are very comfortable with the mobile devices. But how young is too young for a smartphone? Mobile phone is a need nowadays, it is a source for a person to contact his friends and family. In a case of emergency one can contact his family or friends, so it proves to be a very beneficial thing for all. But at the same time smartphones have a lot of disadvantages and we observe it in our daily life. For example there are always news on media that a kid has been kidnapped and…show more content…
All of the above mentioned points are unethical and is considered a crime in most of the states. Everything is just a click away from you, this is mostly used for a negative purpose. For example if a kid reads about some incident on social media but its content may not be appropriate for him but he can easily access that while just typing it on google. Most of the teenagers are involved in unethical activities and smartphones have made it easy for them to continue these unethical activities which is not only destroying our culture but also causing different diseases. Most of the kids like to stay at home and spend their time on social media or playing games on smartphones rather than going out and doing physical activities, this results in several health issues in them due to lack of exercise like obesity. Most of the teenagers have made their ideals who might not be a good influence to them, there are many models and celebrities on social media who are a bad influence for the teenagers, through smartphones anyone can access to their daily life and most of these teenagers try to copy their ideals. For example many singers are promoting the thug life which is causing a really bad influence on teenagers worldwide. Many teenagers are doing drugs worldwide because of this bad influence because that is what most of the celebrities are promoting. So giving a mobile phone to someone at a young age is same like giving a gun to
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