How Your Personality Predicts Your Romantic Life

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Kari Harris
Application Paper 1
Dr. Cascio
February 14, 2018
The Big Five and Relationships Many different aspects of life determine the satisfaction and successfulness of any relationship. “How Your Personality Predicts Your Romantic Life” is an article that discusses how the Big Five personality traits can be used to predict the associations between personality types and one’s satisfaction and success in their love and sex life. In this article, Dr. Noam Shpancer also explains how situational, cultural, and historical circumstances of someone’s life could also have huge impacts on how people interact with others around them. Dr. Shpancer is a psychology professor at Otterbein College and is the author of the novel The Good Psychologist. Because of his multiple psychology degrees, I would consider him an expert in this topic. The Big Five personality traits consist of neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, and extroversion. The characteristics of these traits are good predictions when trying to explain an individual’s normal behavior in different situations (“How Your Personality,” 2016). Highly neurotic people tend to be anxious and less confident in who they are while highly extraverted people tend to be more sociable and assertive. According to Dr. Shpancer, neuroticism is the best trait to use to predict someone’s love life. As we discussed in class, highly neurotic people are more vulnerable or sensitive to negative emotions like stress, anxiety,

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