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PHAR1101– Drugs that Changed the World DRUG DISCOVERY PIONEERS EXERCISE This exercise requires you to conduct library-based research into a pioneering researcher who helped discover and develop an important drug. Please choose a pioneer from the Table on page 14 of the PHAR1101 Handbook. Perform background research on your pioneer and then write your answers in the blank squares below. Submit your Report via LMS by Friday Oct 9. Word Limit = 1,000 words Name of Pioneer: (first name, family name, nicknames, etc) Howard Florey Date and Location of Birth (e.g. in which town, state and country was the pioneer born) Howard Florey was born on the 24th of September 1898, in Malvern, Adelaide, Australia. Any Relevant Family History (e.g.…show more content…
The Main Scientific Breakthrough for which the Pioneer is Remembered (e.g. new drug or drug class, new mechanism of drug action, etc) Howard Florey is remembered for the development of Penicillin into a useful treatment, which was one of the greatest breakthroughs in the antibiotic era. Diseases that Became Treatable Following the Breakthrough (main health condition affected by the discovery) The main type of diseases that penicillin treats are bacterial based diseases/illnesses such as pneumonia, syphilis, scarlet fever and strep throat to name a few. How the Discovery Changed Clinical Practice (i.e. duration of illness decreased, treated as outpatients versus inpatients, etc) This discovery enabled doctors to treat patients more efficiently and proved to be a miracle drug as it was able to treat illnesses that previously had poor or no available treatments. This discovery has improved many lives and was huge advancement in the pharmacological world. Pharmaceutical Innovations that Resulted from the Discovery (e.g. improved drugs that subsequently became

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