Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory: Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

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Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory states that human intelligence is not restricted to language and math/logic skills. He emphasizes that there are different kinds of intelligences or skill used by human brain. Intelligence is the result of complex interactions between children’s heredity and experiences. He believed that culture also plays major role in human potential. Children learn and express themselves in many different ways. In the process, they are using several types of intelligence and each intelligence functions separately, but all are linked closely. A potential intelligence will not develop unless it is nurtured and it can be achieved by using strongest intelligence. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence It involves the ease in controlling body movements. Sports persons, dancer and actors may have this kind of intelligence. They can express themselves with their entire body. Daily opportunities should be provided for hands-on activities. Clay, sand, dough, feely boxes, and other sensory activities help them develop fine-motor skills. Movement is also needed for gross-motor skills and coordination. It is important for parents and teachers to provide activities involving physical challenges. These may include playing kickball, jumping rope, and moving to music.…show more content…
It is the ability to use logic and reason to solve problems. Math experts have this form of intelligence. Scientists and composers may also have it. This intelligence involves the ability to explore categories, patterns, and other relationships. It includes applying the principle of cause and effect. It also involves the skill to make predictions about patterns. Blocks can encourage the children’s problem-solving and reasoning skills. Storybooks that show a sequence of events holds appeal for this type of intelligence. Water and sand activities with different-size containers help teach the concept of

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