Summary Of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory

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Introduction Different people from different cultures have different criteria’s they use to define intelligence (Tlali, 2016). For many years tests have been carried out, theories been formulated to define intelligence but none of these theories are the same. One of the people who formulated their own theory of intelligence is Howard Gardner who is an American psychologist. He came up with the theory of multiple intelligences which differentiates intelligence into a number of modalities. In this essay, Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory will be discussed and also how psychotherapists can use some of his theories to improve their effectiveness. Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligence Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple…show more content…
It also looks at the ability to develop equations and identify relationships between different things. The linguistic (word smart) intelligence refers to the ability to understand the function of words and the ability to use words effectively to analyse information. The musical (musical smart) intelligence refers to the ability to follow musical patterns and produce music from different types of sounds while the visual-spatial (picture smart) intelligence looks at the ability to analyse physical space, detect patterns, read maps and charts. Picture smart individuals are also good with art, craft and design (Tlali, 2016, p.304). Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand and interact with different people effectively through verbal and non-verbal communication and also being able to entertain people with different views (Tlali, 2016, p.304). On the other hand, the intrapersonal intelligence refers to the ability for one to introspect themselves and determine their strengths and weakness. The naturalistic (nature smart) theory of intelligence looks at the ability to identify patterns in nature and distinguish different types of things found in nature. The bodily kinaesthetic (body smart) intelligence refers to the ability to use the body to convey feelings and emotions by dancing or doing sports (Tlali, 2016,…show more content…
A psychotherapists is then a person who uses psychological means instead of medical means to treat mental disorders. A psychotherapist can be considered as effective if they understand that mental disorders cannot be cured but can be treated and controlled. Effective psychotherapists also have good communication skills, they are open minded, understanding, creative, empathetic and persuasive (Wampold, 2011). They have a treatment plan, they record the progress of the clients and are flexible with their treatment strategies as they treat patients with different problems, personalities and backgrounds (Wampold, 2011). They also keep their personal issues away from clients. Effective psychotherapist form working alliances with a range of clients. These alliances are used to form therapeutic bonds and trust between the client and therapist during the initial stage. Effective psychotherapists also seek to improve themselves and their skills at all times (Wampold,
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