Howard Jones: A Short Story

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He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs . He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud , but he still climbed . Howard Jones was a brave man . As a boy , Howard would do some things that other 9 year old boys would be terrified of . When Howard was 6 years old, he decided he wanted to ride the ferris wheel at the county fair . All of his classmates were too scared to go on the ferris wheel . But Howard was not . Howard rode the ferris wheel 3 times , and the next day he was excited to tell all his friends what fun he had on the ferris wheel . When Howard was 8 , when his friend benny was playing baseball , and benny made a home run over the fence , the fence where the Beast lived , he jumped over the fence and got the baseball back for his friends , even though his other friends were too scared to face the Beast . Now Howard was leaving his hometown of Tree Hill , North Carolina . Howard would miss his parents and his brother and sister , and his dog Ralf . But he wanted to do the impossible . He wanted see what was behind the cloud .…show more content…
He gripped the nearest rock and held on tight . After he started climbing once again , Howard remembered his mission , and the more thought he gave it the more energized he felt . He began to climb faster . Howard reached the top . As pulled himself up to the top , he looked at the land that lay before him . What was behind the cloud was a mystery to the population, 39,678, of Tree Hill , North Carolina . The cloud would be ot on a sunny day, lowered to the lowest cliff . All of the mom playing with their babies and kids
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